Mutants & Masterminds: Tazer

The Silver Storm

Season 1: Pilot

Yellow Brick Row, Emerald City
June, 2016

The man who would become Tazer escaped from a secret military base north of Emerald City, near the Canadian border. An army soldier, he was coerced into participating in Project B.O.L.T. (Basic Operational Living Taser) after he was threatened with court martial after being caught in possession of drugs. The army intended to turn him into a super soldier capable of fighting the enemy with his body’s ability to generate electricity like that of an electric eel.

After nearly dying from the experimental procedure, Project B.O.L.T. was immediately scrapped. The army did not want any lose ends so decided to erase all traces of the project, including Tazer.

After escaping from the military base, Tazer made his way to Emerald City hoping to hide himself in the populous city.


The next morning, Tazer woke up to the sound of two men arguing in an alley. The two men were arguing over the contents of a purse they admitted to having stolen from an elderly woman moments before.

Tazer confronted the two men. After knocking one out, Tazer convinced the other to take him to the elderly women so they could return her purse.

But soon after leaving the alley, that’s when everything started happening.

The loud, heart-stopping sounds of an explosion and shattering glass along with the accompanying shock struck Tazer without warning. Within moments, a strange cloud of silvery mist blanketed the surrounding area. Just as panic and flight were about to take hold, the cloud began to swirl without any evident prompting from the wind. It whipped itself into a cyclonic mass, discharging what appeared to be bolts of bluish lightning both within itself and outward around its immediate vicinity. Both blast and bolts subsided and began to dissipate before anyone could arrive on the scene, leaving the dead and injured as the most immediate concern.

2016-04-28_19-09-56.jpgA bolt from the sky struck a nearby man standing in front of a Japanese restaurant displaying a live octopus inside a large fish tank. The bolt arced from the man towards the octopus. The man suddenly screamed as he transformed into a hideous creature: half man, half octopus.

Meanwhile, two men appeared across the street. One held a news camera while the other, clearly a reporter began speaking into a microphone. “I’m Allan Zabloski, Emerald City Inquisitor’s man on the spot!”

The octopus creature whipped one of its tentacles across the street and grabbed a man running out of a nearby Starbase coffee shop. With a squeeze of its tentacles, the man was instantly killed.

“Did you see what that thing…that Octoman did?” Zabloski yelled into the mic.

Not wasting time, Tazer ran up to Octoman to fight him.

The battle between Octoman and Tazer fast hard fought, but in the end Tazer defeated Octoman. With a powerful punch, packed with powerful volts of electricity, Tazer knocked Octoman unconscious.

Tazer searched for the thief he had caught earlier, but he had escaped while Tazer was busy fighting Octoman.

Despite Allan Zabloski requesting an interview with Emerald City’s newest hero, Tazer quickly left the area.

As he looked back at the carnage, Tazer wasn’t certain if being in Emerald City was safer after all. But he would take his chances…for now.





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