Mutants & Masterminds: Tazer


Season 1: Episode 3

The Eastern District, Emerald City
June, 2016

For two days, Tazer avoided the police and especially the military.

For two days, Tazer slept in alleyways or wherever he could find a place far from anyone who may see him.

While walking down a quiet street in the industrial section of the Eastern District, Tazer spotted a man in a suit standing outside of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. Curious, he made his way closer but stopped when he spotted a limousine pull up in front of the warehouse. A richly dressed couple stepped out of the limousine, walked up to the man in the suit and was allowed entrance into the warehouse. His curiosity getting the best of him, Tazer made his way behind the warehouse.

In an alley, he made his way up a fire escape and into the back of the warehouse’s upper walkway.

Below, he saw something unexpected.

In the warehouse’s ground floor, someone had put together a large cage complete with some kind of energized containment field. Inside, he saw a woman and a man battling each other. Both looked like superhumans. Outside the large cage which looked to measure some forty feet by sixty feet a crowd of people, some clearly rich, were enjoying the spectacle of seeing two superhumans battling each other.

For nearly a minute, the two went at it. Finally, the woman kicked the large man in the gut sending him flying against the containment field. He slammed into it like it was a wall. Struggling to get back up, the man raised two fingers indicating he didn’t want to continue the fight.

A man standing outside the cage called the woman, whose name was Destiny, the clear winner. Tazer watched as she walked out of the cage and collected a hand full of money, clearly her winnings from the fight she won.

Tazer made his way down below and mixed in with the crowd of people.

The man, who said his name was Dwayne Ragner, introduced the fight as Stormfront, a fighting circuit he and his partner Brad Burden started to give superhumans the opportunity to test their fighting skills in way that can also provide some entertainment for a select group of clientele.

Tazer made his way to Dwayne and offered to fight next.

Dwayne asked his name and introduced Tazer to the crowd. Dwayne asked for an opponent to face Tazer. A superhuman named Dragoneye offered to fight Tazer.


Once inside the ring, Dwayne went over the rules of Stormfront, and called for them to begin fighting.

The battle between Tazer and Dragoneye lasted nearly two minutes. Dragoneye used his ability to fly to keep his distance from Tazer, who was forced to rely on his range electrical attacks to fight his opponent.

At one point, Dragoneye emitted a roar that stunned Tazer, preventing him from moving his muscles. Despite being unable to move, Dragoneye’s fire attacks didn’t strike Tazer.

However, in time Tazer was able to keep hitting Dragoneye with his controlled electrical attacks forcing Dragoneye to eventually admit he had been beaten by Tazer.

Before leaving the cage, Dragoneye told Tazer he was a member of The Riot Crew and that their paths would be crossing again someday. Tazer wasn’t concerned at all. He left the cage and collected his winnings. It looked enough money to afford a place to stay, clothes, and food for about a month.

A young attractive woman in her early twenties approached Tazer. She introduced herself as Elizabeth Sage, a member of a new superhero team looking for new members. She was impressed by Tazer’s skills in the cage and asked him if he would be interested in joining. Tazer agreed to join.

Sage said she wanted to stay awhile and watch a few more fights to see if there was anyone else worth asking to join the team.

The next fight did not disappoint neither Sage nor Tazer.


A young man, who looked liked he barely graduated from high school, stepped into the cage. He wore an outfit that made him look like a green snake. He wore a mask to cover his face. He announced himself as “Drake the Snake” to the cheering crowd.

Drake was followed by a young attractive blonde named Princess who wore a pink shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Sage and Tazer noticed that before entering the cage, she was standing next to Dragoneye and talking to him like they were friends.


The fight between Drake and Princess lasted about eighteen seconds!

In a swift move that surprised everyone watching, Drake got behind Princess and seemed to be wrestling with her. She tried to elbow him, but didn’t connect. Drake then got her in a vice-like chokehold that nearly forced her to go unconscious.

She threw up her arm in surrender and the crowd went wild. They had never seen a fight between two superhumans that was over before people could even place bets down.

Drake, got the crowd cheering for him and collected his winnings.

Sage and Tazer both approached Drake and asked him to join the new superhero team she and two other friends were forming.

Drake agreed to join as well.

Satisfied that she had recruited two new good team members, Sage invited them back to Emerald Tower to introduce them to Jacob and Ron.

Sage had a feeling their new superhero team would be powerful enough to protect Emerald City from anything that threatened the city.


Elizabeth Sage





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