Mutants & Masterminds: Tazer

We Can Be Heroes

Season 1: Episode 2

Yellow Brick Row, Emerald City
June, 2016

Tazer wandered through the district of Yellow Brick Row.

The city looked like a war zone. Dark smoke from dozens of fires all across the city rose into the sky.

While making his way down a deserted street, Tazer was suddenly struck by a bolt from the Silver Storm as he heard people calling the strange phenomenon affecting all of Emerald City. Not sure how long later, Tazer regained consciousness. He didn’t seem the worse for having been struck by lighting.

He later came upon trapped people inside of a burning apartment building. The front door was made of steel. Tazer used his electrical power to destroy the steel door just as a fire engine barreled down the street.

The fire engine came to a sudden stop just as lighting struck two buildings across the street from each other. Both buildings began to collapse towards the middle of the street in front of the fire engine. Fortunately both building came to rest against each other, but not before debris from the buildings fell on top of parked vehicle with trapped occupants inside.

The firefighters asked Tazer for help after he had managed to destroy the steel door and free the trapped tenants.

Tazer focused his electrical blast towards the debris blocking the street. Unfortunately he miscalculated, causing tons of debris to explode everywhere and caving in on the parked vehicle, killing the occupants instantly.

Disturbed by what had happened, Tazer left the area and the firefighters behind.

Several blocks later, Tazer came upon a street full of dead bodies and wrecked cars.

Moments later, a woman with razor sharp claws and teeth appeared on the scene after having killed something which resembled a mix between a large snake and a man.

From an open window at an upper floor, a man was seen busy video recording the chaos using his cell phone.

The man called the woman Mongoose , after a similar animal known to fearlessly fight againts snakes. Mongoose saw the man and threatened to kill him for video recording her.

Tazer intervened and fought and defeated her.


Just then a woman covered entirely in flames flew into the area, just as a familiar looking news van appeared from down the block. Tazer recognized Allan Zabloski, who hailed the woman in flames Flamestrike, after witnessing her ability to strike others with flames earlier that day.

Flamestrike and Tazer introduced themselves to each other and assured one another they were the good guys, or gal as the case may be.

Seconds later a female figure floating in the air made her entrance.

Zabloski immediately reported that the newly arrived woman was named Death Magnetic, a local citizen struck by the Silver Storm and had been causing mayhem throughout the Yellow Brick Row.

Death Magnetic ordered Tazer and Flamestrike to join her and form a super villain team capable of challenging the criminal organizations of Emerald City, and then making the city bow to her will.

Tazer responded by blasting her with a bolt of electricity.

Flamestrike flew up and joined in the battle but was soon incapacitated by a blast of magnetic waves from Death Magnetic. She reverted back to her true form—fully clothed by the way—and fell from some twenty feet above the ground. Fortunately, Tazer was able to catch her without either one suffering any damage.

After placing Flamestrike on the ground, Tazer tried to convince Death Magnetic to come down to the ground and fight him.

However, Death Magnetic said she had pressing matters to attend like trying to form a super villain group so flew off. Allan Zabloski and his cameraman took off after the villain.

Tazer placed the unconscious Flamestrike inside of a nearby building. He then took Mongoose to find police officers who he could turn her in to.

A female detective named Maggie Buckner offered to have Flamestrike taken to the hospital. She then took custody of the unconscious Mongoose.

Later that day, Detective Buckner went to the hospital. She told Tazer that Flamestrike’s true identity had somehow been released. The city now knew that Flamestrike’s true identity was Tracy Burns, a professional dancer who’s been known to have appeared on several of the city’s musicals. Bucker also told Tazer that the hospital was swarming with reporters who wanted to interview the city’s first two known superheroes.

Tazer, who sat next to an unconscious Flamestrike, didn’t know what to do. He suspected that the military was still looking for him.

The last thing he needed was to talk to any reporters who would gladly show his face to the entire world.






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